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Procare Group

Procare is a nationally approved workplace rehabilitation provider, with over 130 return to work experts across Australia. We have a proven track record delivering tailored and effective services to promote recovery, return to work and beneficial outcomes. We are able to assist your employees back to work following injury.

Procare Group

Mortgage Masters Queensland

Mortgage Masters Queensland was established to provide Australians with a premium home loan and personal loan service and makes the whole process easy. Paul is the sole director of Mortgage Masters Queensland. He holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management FNS50310 and has over 16 years’ experience in property, asset and commercial finance.

We understand the world of lending meaning that when we put you forward for finance we are quite certain you will be approved.

With more than 500 products available at any time finding the right finance can be complex and overwhelming. We are home & personal loan broker specialists, trained to know what works for you. We will break down your options and provide you with the best solutions available that suit your circumstances and fulfil your needs.

As your home loan and personal loan brokers, we will do all the legwork to help you find the best deal from the full range of loan products offered by lenders Australia wide.

Mortgage Masters Queensland is a trading name of(Mortgage Masters (Sunshine Coast) Pty Ltd and hold an Australian Credit Licence – ACL 393882.

Donald Cant Watts Corke

Donald Cant Watts Corke (DCWC) is one of Australia’s largest, privately owned providers of quantity surveying, project management and associated services. For more than 50 years, DCWC have been committed to developing strong relationships and working collaboratively with clients to achieve outstanding results.

Donald Cant Watts Corke

Queensland Property Law Group

Queensland Property Law Group (QPLG) is a boutique conveyancing law firm founded in Townsville in January 2020.

Providing expert legal knowledge to those both buying and selling their property, QPLG has already helped over 500 clients in their time.

Checkup Australia

Checkup Australia is a not-for-profit health organisation dedicated to better health for people and communities who need it most.

We work with our partner organisations and health providers to create healthier communities and reduce health inequities through the provision of health services to rural and remote, and Aboriginal and Torrres Strait Islander communities in Queensland.

Check Up

Regional Economic Advisory

Regional Economic Advisory (REA) provides specialised consultancy services to regional and rural/remote communities. REA provides robust and independent advice across our key service areas of:

  • Project appraisal, including project feasibility, economic impact, and cost benefit assessment to support major funding applications.
  • Economic development advisory, including advocacy support, policy advisory, and project prioritisation.
  • Strategic business planning and market assessments for new ventures and expansions. 

Edify Energy

Since inception, edify have been at the forefront of the Australian renewable and green tech market. We’ve delivered in excess of $1.5 billion of investment to create new Australian energy infrastructure.

Edify has reshaped the domestic renewables sector and disrupted outdated industry models. We’ve built relationships and financed projects in unique and innovative ways.

By maintaining a long-term equity interest in our projects, and providing full lifecycle asset management, we align our vision to the needs of our investors, counterparties and other stakeholders.

It’s an approach that underpins our business model and is proven to deliver best-in- class renewable energy assets for the Australian market.

Sea Turtle Foundation

Ensuring turtles thrive so there are Turtles for Tomorrow. We aim to create this future by advocating actions that will ensure a stable climate, and clean, productive oceans and nesting environments.

We are a national organisation with a focus on turtles in the Indo Pacific region.

Our activities include research, education, advocacy, campaigns citizen science and supporting rescue and habilitation of turtles.


Thirrili Ltd is a not for profit organisation which aims to contribute to the broader social wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:

  • Reducing the high rates of suicide through the delivery of a critical response service to support individuals and families affected by a suicide or other traumatic incidents.
  • Providing social support, practical assistance and advocacy support to affected individuals and families.
  • Building the capacity of local communities and service providers to care for and respond to social disadvantage, including suicides and traumatic incidents in their community.
  • Strengthening individual, family and community resilience and social wellbeing.
  • Contribute to addressing the social disadvantage needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

Training Evolution

Training Evolution (RTO ID: 40577) is a leading vocational education and training provider.  We provide you with a range of industry driven education and training options, whether you are looking for your first job, making a career change or upskilling for your current position.

Lidiar Group

Lidiar Group is a project management services provider who believes that strategically sized service contributors to the energy, resources and infrastructure construction and maintenance sectors should have access to excellent front-end horsepower and project execution capabilities which allow them to exceed their clients’ objectives and service requirements. 

Lidiar Group is a collective of key individuals across a diverse range of management, professional and engineering backgrounds offering project management and support services in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors. 

From individual backgrounds, the Lidiar Group team comes together with a strong ethos for planning and strategy in order to deliver reliable and consistent project delivery success.

Lidiar Group

O2 Marine

O2 Marine ( is a highly specialised marine environmental and oceanographic consulting company with offices in WA and QLD.

Our staff include industry recognised leaders in the fields of water and sediment quality monitoring, benthic ecology, metocean data acquisition, marine habitat mapping and marine environmental management planning, policy and approvals.

We specialise in projects where a specific risk to the marine environment has been identified and MUST be effectively managed to mitigate impacts.

Although only a small business, O2 Marine has the corporate structure, established corporate procedures and internationally accredited management systems that our clients typically expect of a major international consulting company.

Ability Action Australia

Creative Concepts PR/BDmag

BDmag is a multimedia platform dedicated to showcasing North Queensland’s job generators and innovators to encourage growth, tourism & investment in Townsville.

The quarterly business development print magazine is distributed in Townsville, Ingham, Burdekin and Charters Towers.

BDmag offers cost effective print and online advertising solutions that reach a highly engaged audience, yet proudly supports the wider business community with free publicity opportunities to share stories of growth, innovation and knowledge sharing through guest post articles.

Asset Collete (RTO 31718)

Asset College (RTO 31718) is a privately owned, registered training organisation specialising in security training right across Australia.

Having been in business since 2006, Asset College has built a reputation for quality training and have a longstanding commitment to student success.

With many connections in industry, we pride ourselves on offering a streamlined approach from training to employment like no other RTO. Winner of Large Training Provider of the Year 2021 in the QLD Training Awards.

The Marketing Collective

Allara Learning


As a leading child welfare and care services provider, CASPA work hard every day to provide a better future for the children, young people, families and people living with disabilities they support. The CASPA team are dedicated to their work because they believe every child, person and family deserves the chance to live a full and functioning life. CASPA actively advocates for child-safe practices and reporting. Currently employing over 650 staff across a variety of programs in NT, NSW & QLD, CASPA are seeking to expand their Townsville team with people who believe in making a difference in the lives of young people. More information on the roles available can be found at

P: 1300 CASPA2 (1300 227 722)

KLP Family Law/KLP Estate Law

KLP Family Law:

We believe in changing the status quo of how separation is viewed and how people go about resolving the issues surrounding a separation. We provide clients with all available options to finalise, or to start a chapter in their life so that they can make informed decisions to achieve the best possible outcome.

KLP Estate Law:

We assist families to ensure that they have the right documents in place whilst they are living and in death to ensure that if anything were to happen to them their loved ones and those important to them are able to do what needs to be done without having to jump through a whole lot of additional legal (and costly) hoops.  We also help those who’s loved ones have passed and who either need help and guidance to know what needs to be done or who just need us to take over the legalities so that they can grieve and rebuild.

Towards Better

Towards Better is a social enterprise focused on bringing out the best in people and communities through the inclusion of people with a disability. We do this through our ‘Good Life Strategies’ including consulting, workshops, mentoring, and community building solutions for individuals, businesses, community groups and local government.

Towards Better was started from the core beliefs that

  • Communities thrive when everyone is involved in ordinary community life
  • Both people and communities have something to contribute
  • Many communities are capable and willing to ‘step forward’ and welcome each person’s gifts, talents, and contributions.

Whether you are someone with a disability who would like to create a ‘Good Life’ through more valued roles, a business that wants to act on Social Inclusion in your workplace, a community group seeking better membership culture, or a local government wanting more community engagement, we would love to work alongside you.

Get in contact to work ‘towards better’ today!

P: 0447574600


i’ara Support Coordination

We’re not just Support Coordinators, we are your local NDIS experts. 

At i’ara, we provide Support Coordination services to NDIS Participants. We work with you to build a wrap-around support system to help you with your day-to-day living tasks, as well as your medium to long term goals. Whether you have just received your first NDIS plan or you are onto your 5th year with the NDIS, we will help you understand and get the most out of your NDIS plan. Our highly trained & experienced Support Coordinators have deep networks in local community, are fully immersed in the NDIS ins-and-outs, and keep ahead of the details and changes.

Our Services

  • Support Coordination
  • Hospital to Home Program
  • Specialist Support Coordination
  • NDIS Applications
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching