Video Conferencing

Maximum – 4 Attendees

Our Video Conferencing and Training Rooms are the ideal place to host your next virtual conference, board meeting, consultancy panel or any other event that requires telecommunications. 

The Integrated Video Conferencing Units are not software specific which means you can use them for Teams, Zoom, Skype and whatever other platform you choose to operate on.

These rooms also double as flexible Training Rooms for those smaller events where you may be required to watch a video or do some floor work such as CPR training and bandage wrapping. 


Hour: $60
Half Day (4 Hours): $200
Full Day (4-8 Hours): $350
Full Week (5 Consecutive Days): $1400

Catering (optional):

Morning Tea: $10/person
Lunch: $25/person
Afternoon Tea: $10/person

You are welcome to self-organise catering if you wish.


Your booking includes: 55″ 4K TV w/ HDMI Cable, Integrated Video Conferencing Unit (Microphone, Speaker, Camera), Whiteboard, and High Speed Wifi.

Access is granted between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Where access is required an outside of normal hours, an additional staffing fee may apply ($60/hour Mon-Fri, $120/hour Sat-Sun).

Training Room

Booking and Confirmation Policy

Co. Habitat has made booking even easier for you and your business.

  • Complete Online Booking Form (ensure all required dates selected, not just first and last)
  • 50% Non-refundable deposit will be required for confirmation.
  • This date will be held for up to 7 days without payment.
  • Where deposit is not paid in this time, booking will be removed from Calendar for other bookings
  • Balance will be due no less than 3 days prior to event commencing.
  • Services (e.g. catering, early/late access) will be included on final invoice prior to event.
  • All booking and catering invoices must be paid in full prior to event commencing or access will not be granted.

Members Booking and Confirmation Policy

  • Where a Member creates a booking, they will have 7 days to cancel booking without cost or penalty.
  • Where booking exists for 7 days or more within the system, cancellation after this time will not result in deduction from used hours.
  • Where booking exceeds membership hours, cancellation after 7 days but more than 72 hours prior to booking commencing will result in 50% fee being charged as with all non-member bookings
  • Where less than 72 hours notice is provided of cancellation, full fee of additional hours will be charged.
  • All charges will be applied to the first invoice issued after booking is made.
  • As part of Members Bookings, the Urn is not set up in Boardroom 1 and 2. Members are welcome to help themselves to Tea/Coffee from the kitchen as normal.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

  • Once booking is confirmed, it may only be rescheduled without fee or penalty where more than 72 hours notice is provided.
  • A booking is considered commenced from the start of the first day booking, regardless of days being consecutive or non-consecutive.
  • A booking may only be rescheduled one time without incurring new booking fees/members hours.
  • Cancellations with more than 72 hours will result in a refund minus the 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit will not be applied to new or future bookings.
  • Where less than 72 hours notice is provided of cancellation, no refund will be issued.

Catering Policy

  • Completed Catering Form required no less than 10 days prior to event commencement.
  • Catering is invoiced separately to Room Booking with payment in full required no less than 3 days prior to event commencement. 
  • Attendee number listed on catering form is fixed and final. Any reduction in numbers is not eligible for a refund.
  • $10 delivery charge on catering orders for less than 5 people applies.

Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol may only be available during an event under specific conditions. 
  • A licenced caterer provides alcohol as part of their service.
  • A Community Liquor Permit is approved by The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and supplied to Co. Habitat Management prior to the event. Community Liquor Permit are only issued to not-for-profit associations and incorporated clubs. 
  • Event is BYO. Strictly speaking, attendees must bring their own alcohol. Event co-ordinators must not supply alcohol at a BYO event.

Booking Form